I started Caroline, our seven month old, on cereal last week.  She does not like it.  It is a big change for her going from milk to a solid substance.  She does not gag on it, she simply refuses to eat it by spitting the gooey substance back out.  It runs down her chin.

I think Caroline would prefer to just be a milk baby forever.  But change is in her future.  She must change over from being a milk baby to eating baby mush, then to more solid foods.  She must grow, both physically and emotionally and like so many of us, she is resistant to this change.

Changes.  Most of us do not like change.  Just like Caroline.  But changes can be good for us.  Someone who knows better than us starts force feeding us that baby mush and we don’t like it.  We resist, but we must change in order to grow.

About Holly D Russell

mom of four wonderful girls mom of faith

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