To those who have been given much…

I was reading out of Luke 12 today where Jesus states, “Much is required from those to whom much is given, and much more is required from those to whom much more has been given.”  So this got me thinking.  What have I been given that I am required to give back with?  What type of things is Jesus referencing here?  I thought of the parable of the talents.  Each person had been given a certain amount of money.  Two people made more money with what they had been given and one person was scared of loosing it, so hid it.  This person was scolded and his money taken away and given to the one who had the most.

I will say that I am blessed.  I have a wonderful family, four daughters and a husband who loves me.  But what is it that I have to give?  What have I been blessed with?  Is this just a monetary issue?  There is a line out of Rick Warrens book The Purpose Filled Life that states:  “Worship is not something we do; it is something that we are.”  I think this is the point Jesus is making.  You have to give of yourself.  Each person examining their gifts and talents for ministry.  It is hard for me to think I have been blessed with spiritual “gifts” and will be held accountable to use them.  I have been to school for education, ministry, and music.  Yet, comparably to others I am very ordinary and even under-educated.  But it is a wonderful thing that God uses ordinary people to fulfill his purpose and ordinary,broken people to have a calling.  That is the group that I fit into.  Recently I feel that God has called me to write a book.  So I am working on it.  It is not that the subject hasn’t been written on before, or that I am adding any fresh new ideas to the scene, it is simply that I have been called to get a certain message out.  The heart of which is this:  “You are radically loved by God.”

There have been times where I have pursued things that I thought I was gifted in only for those doors to remain closed to me.  I desperately was trying to give of myself during those times.  It was difficult.  But recently, many doors have been opened for me and I hope that the path that they lead to will be a successful printing of this book.

Although America was founded on Christianity, there is much stigma attached to being a “practicing Christian.”  You are thought of as hypocritical primarily.  But what people who do not go to church do not understand is that is where the broken people are.  We come across as hypocritical because we are still human and in our humanity we make mistakes.  But all in all, we are a group of very wounded, broken people searching for a power greater than ourselves to lead the way.

On Sunday it is easy for me to participate in this class and help in children’s ministry.  But I am finding it is the way I treat others on a daily basis is what matters.  I recently started viewing myself as one called into ministry as I write this book.  I noticed that I started looking people in the eyes more and really paying attention to them.  Not just saying “thank you” to the waiter as he delivers my plate to the table, but really looking him in the eye and saying it.  There is something different in that walk.  In the way I weave myself in and out of aisles in the store and bump into people.  It is different.

I don’t claim to understand what we are supposed to be giving back of other than our whole self.  Is there anything else?  Does that mean we have to drop everything and go raise money for wells in the middle of Africa?  No, we all have our calling.  Finding it takes a lifetime.  But for each season of life there are stepping stones.  Sometimes we just have to concentrate on stepping up and finding the path and that is all we can do for today.


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mom of four wonderful girls mom of faith

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