For those who are sick and wounded

The Church…. it is supposed to be a place to be upheld, right?  — A place where the righteous reside.  This is the common perception among most people.  My husband belongs to a Lodge of Masons.  He often comments on how safe he feels among them.  How if he left his wallet on a bench it would still be there.  He comments on how much they help one another, and for the most part, how pure of heart they are.  Then he laments that the Church is not like that.  I have often contemplated this thought.  Why is it that the Church is not completely safe?  — That bad things happen within the people of the church.  The Church has done its fair share of wounding of people.  It is a place where, while I am comfortable there, I still may not openly leave my purse lying around.  I have wanted to know what the difference is.  My pondering led me to the verse in the Bible where Jesus says, “Does a doctor come for the sick or the well?”

The Church is made up of believers who base their Faith on the Grace of God because we are not good enough of our own accord.  We are made up of the wounded, the broken, the sick of heart.  I am quick to confess that I have royally messed things up.  Most people in my church would confess the same thing.  We are broken; we are wounded.  We are not an organization for those who “are good enough,”  but an organization who knows they will never be good enough.

Because we are broken, wounded, the sick, we often fall.  We relapse into old behaviors.  Sometimes, <gasp> we fall, and in our humanity we lie, have affairs, cheat, steal.  We show the face of common humanity.  While my husband’s lodge is a closed circuit organization, the church is supposed to be open to anyone.  We are the wounded, the broken and those who are looking for healing.  We are not those who have it all together, but those who are looking for grace to over shadow their humanity.  We are looking to do better, to be a better person, but usually coming from a place of brokenness and chaos.  We are looking for something higher than ourselves to bring peace and reign into our chaos.

My husband is right in that it is a little sad that the church as a whole is not more upstanding.  Perhaps this is how others have the perception that the church is full of hypocrites.  What is not understood is that no one in the church confesses their perfection.  If we were perfect then we wouldn’t need the salvation of Jesus.  But we are broken, and need Him desperately.

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