What is the “Good News” ?

I have heard it all my life, “go out and preach the good news…..”   “Jesus came to give us the good news….”  So as I have been reading the gospels, I have been trying to define the “good news” into one sentence, perhaps two.  I know that Jesus is Messiah.  I know that He is the perfect Passover Lamb.  But that is after the fact.  Jesus came to preach “good news” before he became the passover lamb.  What exactly was that good news?  I am not looking for a Pauline answer of Jesus came for the redemption of our sins, but rather I am looking for how Jesus himself would have defined “The Good News.”  So in a sentence or two, define the “Good News” as you think Jesus would have defined it.  This seems like a elementary question on the surface, but I really think it has some depth to it.

About Holly D Russell

mom of four wonderful girls mom of faith

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