Stepping Stones

In life, do you ever think we feel like we have arrived?  When you take a vacation, there is a destination to which you eventually arrive.  But in life one goal just seems to evolve into another goal.

Then there are times of limbo.  During those times we are often only achieving stepping stones; not knowing where they will lead, but stepping in faith nonetheless.  During those times it is frustrating because we can not see the goal that is ahead of us.  We have no idea which direction we are going–or even if we are going in the same direction.  Perhaps we are just going in circles?

A few years ago I went back to school.  I was in my 30’s.  It was during a time of emotional turmoil in my life.  I literally did not know which way was up.  I had so many questions regarding who I was, my faith and who I was in the role of life.  I felt like I was drowning due to the fatigue of just treading water.  I felt I needed to make some sort of forward progress.  I enrolled in college to get a new degree…. again.  During those four years I had no idea where I was headed.  I was taking classes for music business, but felt that there was much more to what I was doing, I just couldn’t figure out what.  I kept telling my husband that my educations was just stepping stones.  “Stepping stones to what?,” we both wondered.  During that time I was enrolled in many choirs and became “choir mom” to many young girls.  God used me even during my stepping stone phase.

Fast forward a couple of years.  I have yet to go into the music business market.  I think God has bigger plans for me; plans for ministry.  I am writing my book containing a story of how to overcome brokenness.  Looking back, I can see that I God placed me at the right internship with the people at the right time.  I took classes in ministry which shaped how I view things.

Although I dream big with dreams I am afraid to verbalize, the only goal I see in front of me is bringing this ministry to fruition.  What then?  What will be the next goal?  Will I feel like I have arrived?  Or will God place an even bigger goal on my heart?

About Holly D Russell

mom of four wonderful girls mom of faith

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