The Beauty of Perspective

It is a beautiful picture, isn’t it?  But I can’t help but wonder if the people who live inside the cabin can see the beauty.  Not because they can’t see it, but because they are too close to it.  You see, this picture is taken from across the lake, where there is perspective.  You get to see the grandiose picture of everything from a distance.  You can see how everything is working together.

But what if you lived right there is the cabin; what would your perspective of this picture be?  I would imagine that it is the view that most of us have.  The view of not being able to see the forest for the trees.  You would be so close to it, that when you looked up, all you could see is the few colored leaves right before you.  Your perspective would be cut off, leaving you with only what is in front of your face.

I think our lives are like this picture.  From a distance and with some perspective, one can see the Beauty of God’s work all around us.  But when we are so close to ourselves we can only see what is right in front of us–the complications, the demands, the overload.  That is not to say that we do not see the Beauty in our own lives.  I think we do.  But like the people in the cabin, I think we can only see small snippets of what is directly in front of our faces.  We see the flower, or feel the wind blow across our face or the warmth of sunshine.  We see the smile from someone in the Target line who says, “go ahead.”  But it is hard to truly the orchestrated Beauty of our own lives and what is happening within.  For example, I have a friend who does not know what the next day holds.  But God has provided faithfully for her from day to day.  I can see the Beauty of God’s fingerprints all over her life right now.  I would imagine though, all she can see is the stress of worrying about how she is going to make it through the next day; where money is going to come from for her next trip to Kroger.

I know I have trouble seeing the Beauty from a distant perspective in my own life.  Sometimes I can see it when I look back on events in my life, but not until enough time has passed to give me that perspective of distance and being able to see the whole picture, but even then, my own emotions shade the memories with their own color variations.  I want to pray for to be able to see my life with perspective of the Beauty that is within it.  I don’t want to miss out on the huge, beautiful picture because all I could see was one small section of my life.  I want to see The Artist at work.


About Holly D Russell

mom of four wonderful girls mom of faith

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