Rocking the Boat: Standing up for what is Right

I have struggled with writing this post for a week.  Bear with me.

My husband was watching television the other night and I came in to join him for a few minutes.  The show that was airing was on The History Channel and was about Viking men who were about to sail off.  The first scene that I sat through was of the men using a community water bowl to wash their face.  Then as they would finish washing their face, they each blew snot into the community bowl.  UGGG.  I thought about how far we had come as a society and cleanliness and hygiene.  There was only one woman, who was a slave, in the scene.  The second scene one of the men grab the slave girl and rape her before sailing off.  Again, I thought about how far we have come in our society that no one is viewed as property.  —-   And then, I read about Steubenville gang rape case.  And I am appalled.  I take back everything I thought about us maturing as a society.

What is even more appalling to me than raping a drunk, unconscious girl, is that the boys who were found guilty were empathized with.  What?  Excuse me?  CNN headlines lamented, ” ‘ Promising Future’ of the Stuebenville rapist, who are ‘Very Good Students.’ ” There is now a petition against CNN who’s coverage focused more on the verdict ruining the lives of the rapist than sympathy for the female victim.

What is wrong with our society that the news laments the fate of the rapist more than the destroyed life of the victim?

We have no value for origin of the soul and the holy container that it resides in.  The fact that each life and person is precious because it has been deemed life by the Great Creator has been lost by the majority of society: the value of a person based on the value of their soul.

We value our own agenda, while not taking the time to understand or empathize with someone else’s.  We value ourselves.  “Love One Another” is the whole summation of what Jesus taught.  Show Love.  Somehow, it is easier to be oblivious, to be hardened, to turn away.  It is easier to justify that someone deserves their station in life than it is to help them out of it.  I am guilty of that, especially when I can see the sequence of events that led someone to a despairing place.  “It’s their own fault they wound up where they are,” I think to myself.

But that doesn’t mean I turn away when someone needs help.  It may mean I have boundaries, but if someone is in serious trouble, I would hope I wouldn’t turn them away.  There were tweets being sent out as this poor girl was being raped.  Instead of someone standing up and doing the right thing by helping this girl, a blind eye was turned while a chuckle was suppressed.

I have learned through my own struggles that when people don’t know what to do they turn away.  They don’t search for the correct resources to help, they simply turn a blind eye hoping someone else will know better and do better.  But there are times when rocking the boat is called for.  Helping someone when they can not help themselves is one of those times.

We have to value people for who they are.  If we can’t value them for the gifts they have, then we have to at least value them as a creation of God who was given the breath of life.  Ann Voskamp in a blog on this same subject said, “In the culture of boys will be boys — means girls will be garbage.”  But my dear friends and daughters, I want you to know:

You are of value. 

God is omni, but we live in a fallen world.  

God can redeem you.  

He will rejoice over you.  

He sings over you.  

You are a most precious thing God created and He longs to bring you to Himself.

God Loves you Radically.  You are His Beloved.   

About Holly D Russell

mom of four wonderful girls mom of faith

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  1. My heart is so heavy for the young lady that was defiled by those men. CNN’s condoning their actions in no way phases our Father who breathed life into that precious girl. I am equally appalled at so called “men” who choose to defile women. Their sympathizers will also answer for their crimes.

    If someone ever did this to my wife, daughter or mom they’d be sleeping with the fish.

    • What appalled me even more were the tweets, pics etc. being sent out while this was happening. Yet, no one stood up for her and what is right. The woman who blogged about the tweets and freeze-framed the tweets was slapped with a lawsuit for slander.

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