My last post was on “Becoming” the vision of yourself you want to be.  And then I took a step back.  And looked.  And reevaluated.  I did not intend for it to be that way.  It started with my children being home from school for summer.  I know some people do it, some moms even work from home while they homeschool their four kids.  How, I do not know.  Because once my children were out for summer, our schedule became a hectic, hot, mess.

Then summer turned into fall.  It just kinda happened really.  But it gave me a time to reevaluate what my goals are and why.  To put it into writing, “I want women, both those who grew up within the church and on the outside, to know they are radically loved by the Father who created them.”  I had become caught up in the how to get it done craziness and lost sight of the main reason I am pursuing writing and authorship.

It is good to take a step back every now and again.  Now that I am refocused, hopefully the rest, like regular blogging, will fall into place.

About Holly D Russell

mom of four wonderful girls mom of faith

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