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Reflections of Rain

My family owns a farm that borders the Harpeth River.  I go there often when I need to reconnect with what is important in life.  Today I went to refocus.  In this hectic world, it seems so much of what is truly important is lost in the rush and chaos of everyday life.  I have to admit I do not go to the farm enough.  I should.  It feeds my soul.

It is a place that when I need to clear my I head I go.  Instead of the hectic chaos, my head is filled with smell of sweet hay.  I walk farther and cross the creek.  The wind is blowing and I remember that there is rain forecasted for the evening hours.

It is fall, and the last of life is still hanging on.  I wonder how often we are like that.  We hang on despite impending change.

There is Beauty in change.

The wind picks up and the clouds to the west darken the sky.  Faintly, I begin to feel raindrops.  The storm is some distance away, and I am puzzled from where the droplets come, as they sky above me is still blue.  But the rains will come.  It is only a matter of time.

Then I am given the blessed sign from God.  A rainbow.  Out of a few drops of rain a rainbow emerges.  How funny it is in life, that with a little rain, it can bring such Beauty.  But sometimes our rain is more than a few drops, it is a deluge.  I am afraid that this timid rain and the beautiful aftermath is only foreshadowing of things to come.  Still, I go ahead with my plans to go to the river.

Sometimes the path before us is not easy.

Often, there is unwanted baggage that clings to us.

My father had me convinced when I was a small girl that these were porcupine eggs and not cockleburs.  Whatever they are, they sure do tag along for the ride.

The storm looms in the distance.  I know it is only a matter of time.

Finally, my destination!  I sit.  I am still, and I reflect on the one who made me.  I am reminded of the verse in Phil. 1:6 — And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. 

I am renewed in my belief that I am where I need to be in life.  God has a plan for me.  He has began a good work within me.  He will not give up on me until it is complete.

The storms will come.  But I will still praise His name.  During those storms, God is my rock and my fortress.  

As I begin my journey back to my truck, I feel a gust of hot air followed by the rush of cool air.  The storm is close.  Then it begins.  I walk through the brush out into the open field just in time to hear the tat-a-tat-tat of the rain moving across the woods which borders the field.  I pick up my pace.  Lightning flashes and thunder booms and I know the rain is going to beat me to the truck.  It does.  It begins to pour down.  I enjoy the rain washing over my face.  I wipe my hand across my face to remove the drops which are now getting into my eyes.  Thunder cracks loudly above my head.  Regardless as to what may come, I am His.  


Simple Blessings

Mornings.  I have a love-hate relationship with them.  On one hand a hate pulling myself out of bed when I would love to sleep another five hours, (have I mentioned that I am a tired mommy?)  On the other hand, there is nothing like the predawn stillness of a quiet house to help begin the day with gladness.

I was able to pull myself out of bed at 5:30 a couple of days ago intent on doing some writing and meditating.  Started coffee, and while it was making got sucked into Facebook.

Even so, Jesus was standing at the dawn of the day and peace was upon me.  I did eventually get out of Facebook and read my Bible and had just settled into praying when one of my daughters came in and plopped down on the couch.  Usually I begrudge this interruption on my morning quiet time.  But this morning was different.  I was at peace.  I was calm.  I looked at my daughter who was yawning and thanked God for entrusting me with the souls of these precious ones as they grow.

Little yawns; sleepy eyes; sweet morning cuddles.

Most days do not start out like this.  Most days start out with my youngest daughters whining at me to get up before I even open my eyes.  They start my day by screaming for juice.  Not pleasant and I wake up frazzled. Right now as I type, I have had a daughter whining off and on throughout this post.  I tend to the interruption and then try to type another line.  It is irritating that I can’t get anything done.  But little cries mean I am blessed with my precious daughter who’s curly hair tickles my nose

when she sits in my lap.

Outside it is turning cold, and the sun’s rays are not as intense as they once were.  The light is perfect to show off the magnificent array of fall colors.  I look through the window and marvel at the beauty.  Simple pleasures; simple blessings.

I wish I could be at peace like I am in this moment all of the time.  But the truth is I get frazzled.  Last night my husband was fretting over some pending decisions which need to be made.  I simply said, “God’s got it.”   I don’t know if the things that we are hoping for will come to fruition.  I have learned through time that some things are just stepping stones to greater things.  Sometimes the path we need to take in order to get to the destination is not the path we see in front of us.  While we can only see what is in front of us, God sees the infinite possibilities that are before us.

Until I get to my final destination I am going to try to enjoy the ride and enjoy the simple blessings of life.

What are your simple blessing that you take pleasure in amid the chaos? Share with us.