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Lenten Reflections

Last Sunday was asked to write a reflection for the Lenten Season.  The link where you can view a reflection for each day is here:

But I thought I would share with my blog readers the reflection for Lent that I wrote.

Text: John 6:32-33

Jesus said, “I assure you, Moses didn’t give [our ancestors] bread from heaven. My Father did. And now he offers you the true bread from heaven. The true bread of God is the one who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.” (NLT)



During the wilderness wanderings, the Israelites were stripped of almost everything. It was there, while they were stripped, physically starving, that they were given manna. What they could not do for themselves, God did for them. Likewise it is with Jesus, who in John 6 calls himself “the true bread of heaven,” that God does for us. He spiritually nourishes us.


While the manna in Exodus was for physical hunger, Jesus, the “true bread of heaven,” is for our spiritual hunger. The irony is that we must be truly spiritually hungry, spiritually starving even, to come to really know who Jesus is. We must be desperate for this spiritual nourishment which Jesus says he can provide. It is a spiritual hunger that only knowing the nature of God, which Jesus himself reveals, can satisfy.


It is not while we are on our mountaintop of life that we get to really know God. It is while we are starving and on our quest for spiritual nourishment that God shows up and reveals Himself. Just as God showed up in the wilderness for the Israelites and provided them with manna, God showed up in my wilderness of life as well. During my wilderness times God gave me strength that was not my own to get me through the day and night. That strength was handed to me with grace. It was during my wilderness times where I truly came to understand and know who God really is. As painful as my brokenness has been, I am grateful for the wounds which led me closer to the Father.


As we go through the season of Lent, I am reminded that I am spiritually broken and starving. To satisfy my soul, I must turn to Jesus. It is Jesus who reveals God in physical form, for our nourishment. Jesus is the manna for my soul — the One through whom I come to understand the nature of God.


-Holly Russell


May I be starving for the manna from heaven that only You can provide. I want to know the Jesus that came to bring “life to the world.” Please Father remind me that no matter what happens, you will give me my manna for that day. Even when I am broken and in my wilderness place you will not abandon me, but provide me with everything I need.