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Living with Intention


Intention. It seems to be the catch word in my life these days that I keep hearing repeatedly. The new year often brings new resolutions and commitments.  So I think for this year of 2012 I will focus on the word “Intention” and try to live my life in such a way.

I have been thinking about why people seem to be focusing on this word and why it seems to be coming up over and over again in different genres of my life.  I think it is because we are living our lives with such busy and hectic schedules, that it seems that life is passing us by without us really living it.  It reminds me of the line from Braveheart where Mel Gibson’s character states, “Every man dies, but not every man truly lives.”  I want to truly live in my time here on earth, because it can be such a beautiful place.

I follow Michael Hyatt’s blog.  He is a speaker who teaches his audience to lead their life with intention and purpose.  I listen to Dave Ramsey who teaches his audience to be intentional about how they spend their money.  There are countless others who spend their life teaching others how to live life with intention.

I too, feel as if life is so busy it is just passing me by.  Our Saturday’s are wasted if we don’t have a game plan.  I get accused on not being spontaneous enough because I always want to have a plan.  It is not that I want to have a plan for everything I do, it is just that I feel life life happens to me as opposed to me living it if I don’t.  My husband has been wanting me to make a schedule for myself as a stay at home mom.  At first I balked at this, but the more I have thought about it as I am trying to live my life with intent, the more it makes sense to schedule to intentional time with my daughters for things like crafts, music and learning.  Otherwise, the day just gets away from me, and they have spent the day in my lap and watching t.v. with nothing noteworthy being accomplished by any of us.

So there are areas in my life where I need to be intentional.  I need to be intentional in my devotion to God.  I need to set aside time every day to just be with Him.  I need to love my family with intention, and not just live in the same house as them.  I need to pursue my publishing venture and speaking engagements with intent.  They are not just going to fall out of the sky.  I have to purposefully learn a new craft.  I have to set aside time every day to write.  The question is where is a busy mom of four to find time to be intentional about all of these things?  I don’t really know.  I am learning.  I know I have to get up earlier than my children if I wish for these things to come to fruition.  How about you?  How do you live your life with intention and as Braveheart said, how do you “truly live”?