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What Christians can learn from the Sweet Potato Queens

I know… it’s not even close to a Christian book, but I have been reading God Save the Sweet Potato Queens.  I have been reading this book and LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!!  However, it is rather eye opening in its secular nature.  But I think there is something to be learned from the Sweet Potato Queens.

If you haven’t heard of the Sweet Potato Queens, let me explain:  They are a group of women from Jackson, MS who choose to celebrate their inner divas. They believe that by the very nature of being female, they have something to celebrate.  They talk about real life issues that relate to women, but never talked about, much less experienced in polite, religious circles.  Every year they are in the Jackson, MS parade. . . . and here is where I think we can learn a lesson or two:  People travel from all around to see these women decked out in all their big busted, big butt, red headed, majorette boot wearing glory.  Why?  There are the queens that are on the parade float itself.  Then there are the women who wanna-be a sweet potato queen, then there are the wanna-be wanna-bees.  It goes on and on.

So I have been wondering what these women are on to that there are wanna-be wanna-bees to these women who are living life with gusto and celebrating their inner queenliness.  What is it that draws people from all over to go not only go out and see the Sweet Potato Queens, but to invent some type of Queendom for themselves.

Sadly, I began to compare them to the women I know who are church going women.  Even women like Beth Moore or Joyce Myers.  What makes the Sweet Potato Queens have such a following?  I don’t think it has to do with them being secular.  I know they talk about sex as easily as other women talk about their receipe for potato salad, but there are a few things that have really struck me:

  • They live life to the fullest
  • They believe in their queenliness
  • They believe they are entitled to be treated as such
  • They are not quiet about it
  • They live vivaciously

I compare those qualities of the soft spoken, well mannered, christian woman of faith… her demeanor is pleasant, but nothing I would call vivacious.  She believes she is the daughter of the high king, but often believes she is unworthy to present herself as such.  She believes she is called into a life of submissiveness rather than a life of vitality.  No wonder Christian women don’t have wanna-be wanna-bees following after them!

What if we took these qualities of the Sweet Potato Queens and started living them out a little.  I don’t mean go against scripture, but what if we started treating ourselves like we are the daughter of the most High King and that makes us a princess?  What if we act like we love life because of what Jesus did for us?  What if we act like the news is so good that we are bubbling over with excitement with whose we are?  Is it possible to do those things and not be worldly, or by doing so would set us apart from the world because we would have a charisma that no one understands?

I think it is.  Can’t you just see a group of women in their princess tiaras, playing Bible Bowl?  The thought makes me giggle.  Seriously, I think it is possible to live our life as more than the wise, soft spoken woman.  I don’t think it is a sin to live life as long as you are living it in a way that celebrates the one who made you, purposefully celebrating life.   I don’t think we have to have a parade float to dance on, but why is it that so many of us reject our princess crowns for robes of shame?

It is time that I start living like I am the daughter of the high King?  I don’t know what that means for me.  There is much fear there.  The other things about the Queens is that they rely on each other.  They are a group of tight knit women who uphold one another.  It seems we are so busy telling each other what to do that we often forget to uphold one another.

Do you have any church diva stories?