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The King is Enthralled with YOUR Beauty

Beauty.  It is the thing we long to be. To be enthralling, enchanting.  But more importantly, to be worthy of being pursued.  Oh, to be pursued.  In Psalm 45:11 it states, “The King is enthralled with your beauty.”  I used to justify this in a million ways of why it wouldn’t apply to me.  First off, I thought to apply it to me and God’s pursuit of me was taking it out of context.  After all, it is a king speaking of his wife.  Secondly, I didn’t think I had any beauty that was worth pursuing.  Then I had a spiritual awakening that showed me otherwise.  God spoke to me in a way that I could not ignore.  I didn’t even think God knew my name, much less would speak to me personally, but He did.  I always thought I was just one of the flock, not worthy of having any beauty worth noticing.  Then I had my God-experience and I realized how He had been pursing me all of my life.  God had been pursing me!  I realized how He had kept me safe, how things I chalked up to coincidence was actually God working in my life.  It was God working in my life because He pursues me.  If you look at the time line of your life, I am sure you can find the same thing.  God has worked in your life because he is pursing you.  Do you know why?  Because the King is enthralled with YOUR Beauty.  God knows that in His arms, your life becomes a beautiful reflection of who He is.

I once won a medal at a ball for waltzing — and it wasn’t because I know how to waltz.  It was because I was in the arms of a man who knew how to waltz amazingly well.  I had to turn my movements over to him.  I followed his every move, and stepped on his toes many times in the process.  He talked me through it, he led me through it.

So it is with our life.  Angela Thomas says, “An ordinary woman becomes extraordinary in the arms of God.”  I believe this.  God is pursing us to accept this life dance.  He is pursing us because we are his beauty and the King is enthralled with your beauty.  He has been pursing us since the day Eve in all her splendor ate the forbidden fruit.  Ever since then, God has been trying to reconcile us to Himself.  He does this because He is enthralled with the Beauty that He created us with.  We are made in God’s image, and God is pure light, pure beauty.  So if we reflect Him then we reflect His light and Beauty.  He sees that beauty within us and pursues us because of it.

God is pursing our beauty.  He is calling us to dance.  We have to answer with our life.